"[P]oetry makes nothing happen: it survives, / [...] a way of happening, a mouth." -W. H. Auden

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Paris Review Poetry Purge: Update

The Writer's Chronicle featured my article
on The Paris Review "poetry purges."
In 2010, The Paris Review "un-accepted" poems originally slated for publication in the magazine when new editors came on board. This caused an uproar among writers and editors, and I was among those who thought this was an unethical action. The editors eventually agreed to a compromise and offered to publish the "un-accepted" poems on the TPR blog. Many of the "Purgerati," as they came to be known, have now appeared on the blog and the posts are grouped under the category "Poetry" (click "Older Entries" as well). The Purgerati poems are easy to spot because they each have an introduction by either Meghan O'Rourke or Dan Chiasson: 


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