"[P]oetry makes nothing happen: it survives, / [...] a way of happening, a mouth." -W. H. Auden

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A Battle Cry to Treat this Absence: Son Volt and Harold Camping

Harold Camping has been on my mind lately, for obvious reasons (see my previous posts here and here). The song below, "Back into Your World," by one of my favorite bands, Son Volt, strikes me as incredibly apt. It sounds like it could have been written for Harold Camping:

You should have known
what is real by now.
Let the judges meet their maker.
Can't slow down,
burning that four-barrel speed,
a battle cry to treat this absence.
Let me back into your world.
At the blink of an eye,
no uncertain terms.
Let me back into your world.

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