"[P]oetry makes nothing happen: it survives, / [...] a way of happening, a mouth." -W. H. Auden

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Daniel Nester Announces a Contest

Daniel Nester, who originally broke the story of the most recent Paris Review poetry purge (also see my article here), has announced The Robyn Creswell Bouts-Rimés Contest! Follow the link to his post at We Who Are About To Die for details. I love Nester's sardonic tone in this announcement. Here's a sample: 
Yes, the very same Creswell who required a new broom to unaccept 40-50 poets’ work to make room for his chance to define his own section, will be talking about publishing poetry. It’s winter break, after all, and so it should be convenient for Creswell, a student in NYU’s comparative literature PhD program, to make this event.
The “list of words that rhyme” we will use comes from poetry editor Robyn Creswell's only published poem to date, “Foreign Correspondent”....
Put your satirical wit to the task and have fun with this!

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